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Tiny Updates

I have made small updates here and there around the site.

The Resources page has been updated with a few links and the Keeping Yourself Safe article has finally been added.


A Few Poems and an Article

I followed my promise and added a few poems, as well as an article (sort of).

I have also added a page about my computer geekiness. A few links under resources and daily visits and other admired people have also been added in the past few days.

I should also be adding some Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin guides/FAQs eventually. I have two that are already started, just need to finish them.

Edit. I change the layout (again…). It has a few, er, imperfections with links, but I’ll fix that later.


I’m trying this theme because I kind of like the colors, but it might disappear soon if I get too annoyed by the fixed width. I guess I could always get a new header image and play around with the CSS to make it larger.

I found The Red Notebook yesterday, after a furious search. The Red Notebook contains several poems I have written, mostly between 2004 and 2006. While some of them are plain crap, others are worthy of being posted here, so they will be added starting from now until whenever I’ll feel like completing it.

I should also be (re) adding some articles soon. I want to reword some and all that stuff, so it will take more time than just copy and paste, but in the end I believe it will just improve the quality of my site.

In other news, I found Nick. Now I can properly stalk him (because we all know that the best way to stalk an offline friend is to read his blog).

I’m not really going any better than last week. Worse than on Thursday, anyway, that’s for sure.

I had a couple of things to do before seeing my therapist tomorrow and, of course, neither is done. I had something to find because I must give it back to another therapist, and my search was fruitless. I didn’t search everywhere, but I did devote maybe half an hour to looking, so you can’t say I’m entirely hopeless. As for the other thing, it was calling for an appointment. I called on Friday after 4:30 p.m., and no therapist is at work after 5p.m. except the ones who work in emergency, psychiatrist hospitals and that kind of things, so I couldn’t get to speak to her. I know that I called before, but she was probably outside her office, not even there or whatever.

Anyway, there is still tomorrow morning left…and the whole night to search for the disc. Now that I bought a light bulb to put in the corridor downstairs, I can actually see at night, which is a plus.

Off to kill disgusting-looking people play Bioshock (warning: you’ll have to enter your birthday, which means you must be at least 18 or something). Does anyone fill that with their REAL age when they are NOT 18 yet?

Or actually not play because my roommate is again, once again, once more, for another time running tests on his computer.

Added A Tutorial (Calculating Percentages With PHP)

A tutorial from my previous personal site, Calculating Percentages With PHP, has been added, with slight modifications. I’m also working on building a PHP percentage calculator, so this will eventually be added to the tutorial.

Shiny Poetry

I was looking through a notebook of mine and found several unpublished poems written in the past year. They have been added.

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