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Happy New Year and Notes

First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year. There will be no promise of losing weight, drinking less Pepsi, reading more books or anything of the sort from me.

Second, I am currently in Montreal for a few days—no more than a week. I have a few appointments and things to settle. Nothing of the “I’ll break your leg!” kind.

Third, I haven’t been very active online of late. I think it’s mostly because I’ve been quite busy with the holidays. Family dinners every two or three days don’t leave me with much time to chat, review and blog. I hope to return to working on the future of this site when I go back to my parents’ place. Here’s to hoping we finally get a router so my computer can be plugged to the internet.

Fourth, I hope my cat is going fine while I’m so far from her! Poor little scared thing. 😦


Spring Walk

I just took a long walk in the Old Montreal, for about two hours. The weather was just perfect. It was neither too fresh nor too warm, not too windy, not rainy, sunny but not overly so…I went to the old harbor, I love this place. There are a couple of ponds, one of which has some kind of “island” with a few trees and benches. I sat on the grass, leaning against one of the trees. This is such a comfortable position, your butt and legs freshened by the grass and your back comfortably installed.

I came back to delight in a capiccolo (spelling?) and tomato sandwich (with mayonnaise, of course). I just finished eating and am now sitting at the computer (duh!), listening to good music and drinking a huge glass of water. The one thing I longed for during my walk was something to drink, but I didn’t want to buy anything there because I knew it would be far too expensive. I was going to buy a popsicle in some shop on the way back, but then I remembered I have some delicious ones in the freezer. This means that I will have taken a lengthy walk, which is good for one’s legs, digestion, sleep and mind, at no cost at all. Isn’t it wonderful?

I’m still working on my novel. I haven’t written much since yesterday, but it is forming in my head progressively and I’m satisfied with the result up to now.

My sister and her boyfriend are going to the United States next Monday “to climb up a mountain”. This means that I will be alone all day long, unless Eric comes here. I’m trying to see one of our common friends (his best friend and a not-so-well-known friend of mine), but he’s pretty much always busy…

I know I have posted it several times, but, god, Green Day’s old music rocks.

I have finally made my first entry on As A Dream and already have an idea for the next one. I only need to gather a few websites and think of a longer entry to write along with it.

I still don’t know what I’m going to do next semester. I’m still in cinema for the university, but, for me, I’m not sure it’s a good idea anymore. My “deepest” vocation is wri

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Stupid Life

Life sucks.

I have decided to blackout certain words in comments. This means that, if you enter said words, your comment will be refused entirely, without being put into moderation. This might sound harsh but, considering I get pretty much no real comments and a large amount of spam, I think it’s going to save me the hassle of having to delete them all.

I’ll play the parrot a little: I have to upload the new version of this site…It’s fully ready, entirely coded and organized, I only need to make a WordPress stylesheet that will work along with it, which shouldn’t take long at all.

Insomnia has gotten me again. I wake up after only four to six hours of sleep and, although I am still tired, I need several hours before being able to sleep again.

I’ve been cleaning off some music from my computer. I only have 25GB of space left and want to clear up some space. I have deleted all Good Charlotte songs. I used to be totally in love with the group but, damn it, they suck. I hate the singer’s voice, I hate the music, I hate their lyrics. I also deleted Fall Out Boys songs. I had discovered them after Good Charlotte and had thought they were a good band but my taste has changed—evolved, I feel like saying. I also deleted rap songs from my “OMG I’m totally gonna love rap!” phase. Good riddance.

That said, I have the entire discography of Green Day, Nightwish and Evanescence as of now. Listening to Green Day has only confirmed my previous opinion: their old music was so much better than their American Idiot album. I do like the latter; there are some good songs, like Boulevard of Broken Dreams, but their previous albums sound better to me. I also hate Billie Joe’s bloody eyeliner. I hate when guys wear eyeliner. Above all when I actually like the guy. Long live eyeliner-less Billie Joe.

I’m currently listening to Frank Zappa, which I believe is my first time. I quite like it.

I hate Montreal more and more. First of all, it stinks. It’s a big city with no trees (almost) and too much bloody traffic. Then, the drivers are crazy. Being on foot in this city is one of the most dangerous things you can do on this planet. Fortunately they can’t (legally) turn right when the red light is on. Of course, some of them still do, but the fact that they aren’t supposed to surely saves a million lives a year because Montreal drivers are crazy like that.

Also, it’s too hot. A weather that should normally be quite comfortable becomes unbearable because of the lack of nature and the overwhelming presence of cement and other fun gray stuff.

The buses can be so goddamn full at times, too. They’ll pass something like very 20 minutes in some areas, at some hours, but when they will finally arrive, there’s going to be a mile-long line. People line up to wait for buses in Montreal.

Fortunately, there are some cool things. There’s my boyfriend, whom everyone knows to be amazing. There’s his best friend…Let’s not talk about it, I’ll sound…err…whatever. There’s the Old Montreal, or more particularly the Old Harbor (Vieux Port de Montreal), which is a nice area. I love taking walks there: there are plenty of trees, fountains, and the actual Saint-Laurent River.

Did you know there are two words for “river” in French? A “fleuve” is for rivers that reach the ocean or the sea (like the Saint-Laurent River, the Amazon, the Seine in France, the Nile); a “rivière” is for any other rivers (those that throw themselves into “fleuves”, lakes or anything else).

I’m hungry, but I want neither to wake up my boyfriend nor to face up his mother. She just makes me too awkward, to the point where I never actually feel welcome in her home (a very small apartment in an ugly area of Montreal).

This reminds me that I have never spoken of this place, although I have often thought of doing so. It is called Pierrefonds-Roxboro. It is far (and I really mean far) in the west of the island. To go there, I must first take one line of subway. After three stations, I must change line and go to the very end of said line. This already can take over 30 minutes, depending on how long the transfer can take. Then, I have to take a bus until the end of its path. This is also bloody long, and I often have to wait for the bus to arrive, which can take 10 minutes and more, according to my (lack of) luck. Once I’m at the end of this very long line, I have to take yet another bus for quite some time. I then end up at the other end of the world, in a poor area inhabited in majority by Haitian immigrants. I have nothing against Haitian immigrants, I have something against the look and feel of the place. It is isolated, poor looking, and rather ugly and dirty. The apartment is very small and crammed with furniture full of books, compact discs and movies. It is also quite noisy, as you can always hear the neighboors. When they are in the stairway, you can hear every single word they say perfectly.

I have read over one third of Jane Eyre up to now. I quite like it, although some passages are getting quite long, mostly those that describe what I call “social conventions”: how visitors behave, how Jane encounters them, etc. And I’m looking forward for her to finally “do something” with Mr. Rochester apart from talking to him. I also hate that someone annotated the book with a pencil (fortunately I can erase it). I have gotten a couple of spoilers this way. There are also some things I don’t quite get and the person obviously had to read this for an English class, but his/her native language was French. Sometimes, the person will alternate between the two languages. S/he will also make some mistakes like “jalousy” or “jalous” (French “jalousie” and “jaloux/jalouse”).

I have joined Listal (my username is Puceron. The nickname isn’t actually mine, but I have made it up. I have the cutest kitten ever. Her name is Béatrice (and she’s got thumbs). It is common in French (at least in Quebec) to nickname your daughter or pet “Puce” (literally, “flea”). My brother-in-law would call her that. I think I might have called her so a couple of times but, after a few days, I started lengthening it to call her “Puceron”. In French, it can sound cute. In English, however, a “puceron” is an aphid (greenfly, plant lice, blackfly), which I must say is one of the ugliest words ever. As I said, though, my kitten is cute. I have to post pictures of her one day.

January 1st

Happy New Year!

I’m going back to Montreal tomorrow.

Time Passes By

I’m leaving in a month, on August 15th. I’ll go to Montreal first to bring some — or rather lots of — luggage and buy some furniture because, at the moment, I have none at all for my room. Then I’m attending a wedding on August 19th. On September 1st, University greets its new students in cinema. On September 5th or 6th, I’m not sure which, I start classes.

In the meantime, I still don’t have a job and am bored to death in this small-ass town. I miss V and Marie. Speaking of V, he’s leaving on the same day as me. Now I have this little fantasy running through my head where we’re doing a bit of traveling together. Would be much fun. Maybe at least eat dinner at the same place. We’ll see.