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Here, There and Everywhere

I haven’t blogged for real in 10 days! That’s actually surprising, considering all the ideas that have been running through my head. It does mean I can warp up several mini-blogs into one.

First, I got a haircut not long ago, for the first time in over 3 years. Needless to say it was quite necessary. In the meantime, I had used my own hands and a pair of scissors to keep them from getting too long. I do have pictures, but I am too lazy to retrieve them now to post them here. You can see them on Snark and Facebook, anyway.

Second, I got a new pair of glasses! 🙂 This is also most welcome. I ran out of contacts over a year ago, so I had to wear an old pair of glasses. They were over 5 years old, not adjusted to my current eyesight, enormous and falling apart. The new pair is red and fits me very well. Pictures coming eventually… My mother’s camera is broken, so I have to rely on either her cell phone or my webcam.

Third, expect some changes computer-wise. Some of them will probably be unnoticed on your side, others will be inevitably seen.

I finally both a router and a missing cable so I could connect my computer to internet. No more using my mother’s computer!

My computer, however, is over 2 years old and has never been formatted. It really needs to be. My goal is to back up everything that needs to be backed up (music and documents, mostly. Programs will simply need to be re-downloaded, since I basically only use built-in or open source programs). Then I can format the old thing, making it like new. And very new it will be, indeed! I intend to install Linux. Some version of Ubuntu, I haven’t decided which one yet. I think this will help my computer, which needs all the space and RAM I can save. An advantage of Ubuntu is that I will be able to update without ever being told to install Vista. I still refuse to touch Vista with a ten-foot bargepole. Whatever a bargepole is.

But, before formatting, I want to finally finish my new personal website. No more, here I come CalmBanana! Rachaely will be hosting me. Actually, she’s already hosting my (very neglected) fanlisting collective, but now she’ll be stuck with all of me.

P.S. Oh, and I’m also in the process of learning German. Fun fun fun!

Quite Good

I’m feeling quite good these days — even at home.

I went to the hospital I don’t remember when and got an appointment for this morning at 8:30. I went, of course, and everything went pretty well. I was talking with a male psychiatric nurse, because making me see a real psychiatrist now would be way too fast.

I was actually able to tell him my other world, of which only Marie-Claude knows.

I got my hair cut but, of course, I only have crappy web cam pictures at the moment. I quite like how it turned out. They’re shorter than they’ve been for years, which is a good change. And, for once, I actually had people notice it when I arrived in school. Not just someone looking at me weird, but two people telling me about it. Incredible.

I believe I fixed my guestbook getting spam. As Jem advised, I re-downloaded BellaBook because there might have been a bug somewhere. I had blocked words, but there were messages containing them being posted.

I have started in late January joining my fanlistings for real — that is, sending a joined form. It’s taking quite long. I’ve already successfully done about 1400 of them. Still 2000 to go, yay me!