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You know you have reached one of the higher planes of geekdom when a discussion with a friend consists of making parallels between web developing / programming and video games (with levels, spells and all that goodness).


Money? Money!

Thanks for the comments on the previous post. I wasn’t expecting *that* to be my most-comment-attracting post in weeks. 😛

I had an appointment today with the girl who will help me find a job. We were mostly discussing my therapy and my job/school background, in order to give her a general idea of what type of job might interest me.

She told me of an organism that could possibly be interested in a person like me (i.e. a computer geek). They basically produce a newspaper to help homeless people. They have a website and they need someone to keep it updated. I checked the site and it has no trace of PHP anywhere, so I can imagine it being complicated when you are clueless to HTML. I don’t mean that PHP makes things magically updating themselves, but just that you can’t have an HTML-only admin panel to allow quick updates and the like.

That said, I’m not entirely guaranteed to get the job. She needs to verify to things before. First, she needs to check if she can get a subvention. Since I’m a crazy girl and have very little working experience (she doesn’t know I have a lot of personal experience with websites, but that is still different from actually working), and since the organism is specialized in helping people in therapy finding jobs, they can get subventions to compensate employers for potential problems (i.e. me going nuts in the middle of a work day). For the record, I have never actually gone nuts while at work, in any of my previous jobs.

Second, she needs to actually verify that they are still looking for someone. Get all the subventions you want, when there’s no job to do, there’s no job to do. The subvention part shouldn’t be much of a problem, mostly because I am diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, so they’ll be all happy to send me working. “We provide employment for high-functioning autistic people! We are the bestzors!11!!one!”

There are five unpublished drafts in my WordPress admin panel. Two or three are posts I started here and never finished, while the others are from my Funpic website, and probably went boom because I had a hard time making WordPress function properly. Stupid thing. One of these drafts must eventually get published, it’s a…text on some aspects of my writing.