Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

You might want to also read the Terms of Use.

Through various plug-ins and WordPress features activated on this website, I am able to track visitor traffic to As A Dream. I however have no private information, such as your browser or IP address. I can view referrers, which page(s) have been seen and what pages were accessed from here.

As A Dream does not provide its visitors with on-demand services, except in extremely rare cases. It only consists of the following:

  • A “blog” (weblog), where I write about my thoughts, events of my days, my opinions, or anything else I see fit. Blogs will not be posted on user demand, unless a suggestion given to me appears particularly interesting. User comments are welcome on any of these entries.
  • Pages providing information about myself. No information concerning my place of residence (beyond my cities) or people I know in real life will be provided here. Comments are generally disabled for this section.
  • Articles on various topics: website creation, games, etc. Again, comments are very welcome here.
  • Icons I have created, which users can take for personal use. Nobody can make monetary profit out of these or redistribute them.
  • Information about the current website.
  • Links to other websites, including my own.

The site is protected from spam thanks to Akismet. In addition to this, comments will be placed on moderation until approval. If you have already posted a comment that has been approved, your new comments will be added immediately. I reserve the right to delete any comments I deem inappropriate, but, apart from spam, this will certainly be rather rare.

Your email address is required to post comments. It will not be distributed to a third party without your consent.

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