Poem: Union

Beware, this poem has adult content.

Do you feel this wonderful pleasure?
This is, love, the ultimate goal of desire.
The five senses work at their best,
Spreading ecstasy throughout one’s body.

Let us touch each other’s velvet skin;
Let us take off our clothes and jewelry;
Let me caress your soft hair
For this peak is to me the highest of all heavens.

Let us breath each other’s scent;
The smell of the loved one is worth the flowers of June;
I smell one of the most exquisite aromas
Invading, from my nose, my soul.

Let us taste, of each other, the lovely mouth;
Let us devour with pleasure the soft tongue;
The words that were once pronounced
Will thus be carved into our thoughts.

Let us listen to the pleasure of each other,
For it is the greatest of all rewards;
Love will invade your ears
Will touch you from your head to your toes.

Let us look at each other’s beauty;
The room, filled with serenity,
Does not offer to the eyes such jewels
As these blue eyes of yours.

The goal reached, here is the time of rest;
Let me dream of the sweet renewal
Of this so good and wild union,
More true than any marriage.

This poem was written in French on August 22nd, 2006, under the same title.

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