Poem: To Her

there are beads of tears upon your pale face
they are invisible, others would say
I do know they only go unnoticed

they are there, upon your face
inside your heart
even when you laugh
always a part of you wishes to die

when you make jokes
somewhere inside
you wish you could scream until you disappear
becoming nothing but the echo of a scream

as for me, I wish that your smiles
could live all the way into your marrow
could be true
for every part of you

I wish you a fortune
that I can’t even give you

a broken fairy
a destitute princess
a mind filled with dreams

with all my heart
I send you magic
a kingdom of candy
and dreams come true

This poem, written on March 27th, 2007, was originally in French, under the title “À elle”. It is dedicated to a friend of mine, although it could obviously also be spoken to myself.

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