Poem: Seven

Written March 1st, 2005. I wrote the poem first and, once I copied it into my notebook, I realized that I had made quite a mistake: there are two “third phases”. I guess that’s why it didn’t work at all like the poem says.

They say seven is a lucky number
One phase for you to notice me
To fall for myself, for me
To desire knowledge of me
In the depths of your darkened heart
Obscene desire of having me fall
Or heavenly will of being taken up

A second phase for you to show it
To show how you care about me
Following each of my steps
Watching each of my moves
With the eyes of a man in love
Looking at all he needs to be happy
Enjoying your little piece of heaven

A third phase for me to enjoy
Curiosity has taken ove me
Who is the man who loves me
Does he want my poor body
Or my ever desperate love
Few ways could tell
I’ll follow the easy one

A third phase for me to know you
We questioned and we replied
Which one of us has learned the most
Nobody could ever tell
I feel the changes within
I feel myself emerge
I never was so me

A fourth phase for you to be afraid
Your past yelling you to go away
You bothered listening
Silence came back upon you
You retired into your dark world
Even I could not go with you
Only past was allowed

A fifth phase for me to wonder
What when where why how
A thousand questions rising in my mind
No replies ever coming
Your very eyes have changed
Where has the light gone
Can I turn it on again?

A sixth phase for me to wait
Kept apart from my beloved one
Only thoughts are alive in me
How I long to express them
How I long to know the truth
Hear it from your lovable mouth
Whispering into my ear

A seventh phase for us to be in love
Sharing our moments of love
Our little spot in heaven
Beneath the well caring eye of God
How sad I believe in neither
The god nor the heaven

I believe in you
I believe in me
I believe in us
I believe in our love

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