Poem: Echoes

A stream flows quickly;
The sound of water against the rock
Mixes with the voices of fairies.
Their laughter echoes across the wood
And sooths the mind of mortals.

A magic we can’t comprehend,
A mystery we cannot seize,
As one of them flies past us,
Blind to her flight we remain,
But a smile forms on our lips.

Their wings spread out wide,
They carry what little of joy
Is left to spare humans.
Sitting upon a blossoming iris,
Here one washes her feet in dew,

And a calm freshness takes over my soul.
To the rhythm of their dances
I walk into the forest;
To the softness of their lullabies,
I’ll fall asleep when night comes.

This poem was written on June 8th, 2007. “I” in the last night was amended to “I’ll” on October 18th, 2007.

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