Poem: Dew and Fairies

Small dew drops cover the grass
Caress my bare feet
The sun is already high in the sky
But still far from the south that I dream of

My head filled with stories
I wander for some adventure
A world that seems so small
But hides so many secrets

Fairies have chosen this part as their kingdom,
Songs and poems are born in that part
Flowers beautify this side,
While, there, pointy rocks hurt my feet

A dragon passes in the sky
And drops a soft shadow upon my house
Inside which are my real life parents
While I wonder what is truth

My heart filled with desires
I create, I invent, I see
A beautiful girl, a smile on her lips,
In a red dress, elegant

A broken girl looking for the beautify of the world
I send her love, whom I already know as a savior
A destroyed faery who will be brought back to life
And a witch fighting for others

I come back to my dew and my flowers
To my shining sun
A youth that still remains inside of me
My heart already a little sad

I thought of the fortune to come
The joy of creation
The joy of success
And above all things, above everything
I thought of the love I would meet

This poem was written in French on March 26th, 2007. Its original title was “De la rosée et des fées”.

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