Poem: Dance

Dance, dance, my darling!
Dance, my beloved one!
Dance until you are so tired
That the only rest you can find
Is within my grave.

Sing, sing, my darling!
Sing, my beloved one!
Sing until your voice is so weak
That the names of the Dead
Are the only ones you can whisper.

Love, love, my darling!
Love, my beloved one!
Love her until this day is dead,
Then love me until no being
Is able to be.

Live, live, my darling!
Live, my beloved one.
Live until you made me so happy
That the only lack in my life
Is the death of the remains of me.

And when all of this is done,
When your music and love
Will have made me a happy one,
And when I shall have paid my debts,
Then we both will die happy.

Written June 20th, 2005.

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