Miscellaneous Loved/Hated Things

I despise white socks. I don’t like socks by default, but white socks are even worse. They are ugly, they get dirty and they stand out, jumping into your eyes when you’re least expecting it. How can you possibly not keep staring at your feet when you’re walking around in white socks? The same goes for white shoes.

I don’t understand racism, sexism and homophobia.

I wish child pornography didn’t exist.

I love flowers, they’re so pretty and they often smell good. By the way, daisies stink. My favorite flowers are iris, although I really love roses, lilies, peonies, monkshood, and a bunch of others.

I love water. I love fountains, creeks, rivers, lakes, the sea. I much prefer swimming in a lake or in the sea to doing it in a swimming pool.

I have had much interest in geography ever since I learned to read. I used to learn all sorts of things by heart, such as country capitals.

I am in love with impressionism. My favorite artist is Renoir. I also like fantasy art, such as that of Amy Brown or Brian Froud.

I love poetry. Rhymes and alliterations are wonderful. In my free time (of which I have far too much), I love writing poetry of my own.

I love watching tap dance—I never tried dancing it. I also enjoy watching figure skating. I’m also a hockey fan. I don’t watch it often on TV, but I love attending matches.

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