Gamer Girl

I love playing video games!

When I was much younger, we owned a Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). They were the cool thing back then. I played Super Mario Brothers 3 (I sucked) and a few other classics such as LifeForce or Galaga.

Later on, we got a computer. I couldn’t tell you anything about it more specifically than “it was a DOS computer”. Its screen was black and yellow. I played Blockout, a sort of 3D version of Tetris.

In more modern times, my favorite game series are Castlevania and Final Fantasy.

I love playing the same game for a long time: I go everywhere, find all secrets I can, defeat every enemy, etc.

When playing Castlevania, I tend not to actually complete the game, although I make it until the final boss. I restart the same game over and over again.

I also like playing puzzle flash games online.

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