Food Love

I have a tendency to be a binge/compulsive eater and drinker. Give me two liters of juice (not apple juice) and I will drink it all during one evening. Give me a box of cookies and they will disappear within less than two hours.

I rarely eat junk meals, apart from cheeseburgers and hamburgers, but I must admit I love the rare occasions I have to enjoy them. I love all those fat and salty things, like onion rings, chips/crisps, etc. I have successfully come over my addiction to black pepperjack Doritos…Mainly because they stopped existing. I however don’t actually eat that much junk.

I can also eat some food that is actually good for me. I adore fruits of all kinds or almost, with a passion for mangoes and berries. I also love eating fruits with lots of whipped cream so I don’t look like I’m actually minding my weight. When I’m in the right mood, I’d eat nothing but a yummy ceasar salad for breakfast, dinner and supper. Apples, however, need to get out of my sight.

I don’t like beef and like pork less and less, but I absolutely love seafood, above all shrimps, of which I would gladly eat industrial quantities every day if they were not so expensive.

The list of food I don’t like is rather extensive: raisins, zucchinis / courgettes, beans, coffee, mushrooms, apples (above all if they are baked), cabbage, beef, sausage, potatoes, fennel, crumble, carrot cake, nuts, pumpkins, tiramisu, chocolate with mint, tomato soup, cantaloupe, pickles, coconut, pumpkin, egg rolls, spring rolls, eggplants / aubergines, tofu.

Did I mention chocolate fondue? I didn’t mention chocolate fondue? It is a crime for me not to have mentioned chocolate fondue any earlier! Isn’t it such a great pleasure of dipping delightful fruits in a tasty chocolate sauce? And then, when someone tells you “chocolate is bad for your health”, you just have to say “Hey, but I’m eating fruits!”

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