Computer Geek

I’m a computer geek, or more accurately an internet geek. The trends that have been around from around 2001 to today, the big sites everyone talks about, the web celebrities, I know them. There are some, however, that I’ve hidden in a small corner of my head where I look as little as possible.


The first few sites I visited were mostly fanlistings. Fanlistings about the 1997 movie and the ship Titanic. That was a long time ago, shortly after the release of the movie, so I’ve done that for quite a long time. There are people who browse the web today who weren’t born back then. My God.

I used to have my own Titanic fansite, but my adoration of the movie faded and I got new hobbies. I don’t visit fansites all that much anymore, although I like getting a bit of eye candy and information once in a while.


It was inevitable that browsing fansites would lead me to discover fanlistings. I came across the network several years ago, in 2002 I think. I remember that I first found it on its .com domain or something like it, then it moved to I don’t know which domain before going on .net. Oh, the good old days.

Online Games

I’m not referring to MMPORPGs here, but to silly flash games like those found on Yahoo! Games. I don’t know how long I’ve been playing them, but they are definitely an addiction of mine. I provide various links in the resources page.


I’m not currently a member of any fan forum, but I love “general” forums, like Snark. Snark is teh awesome and all the cool kids are there.

Other Trends and Fun Things

I’ve seen tub girl before being allowed by law to look at pornography.

I visit every day.

When I need help for a game, I don’t ask friends, I look for game walkthroughs.

When I need to order food, I look on the web for a restaurant and its phone number.

I got a blog and personal site since the fall of 2002, I think. That’s six years of my life wasted in HTML (although my coding was crappy back then) and CSS. The celebrity blend layouts, the 3D render brushes, the sidebar with links to all blogs I visit regularly, the “cool” navigation with unrelated words for links, the proprietary link hover filters, the colored scrollbars, I’ve used them all.

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