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Look, a platypus!

Puceronie. This is the place where the cool kids the weird, on-their-way-to-trilingual, cat-loving, bisexual, spends-the-day-alone-in-her-room moi will blog from now on. I am hosted by a British-shaped person known as Rachael. And I’m glad to have full control of my layout again! See you there.

Minor Updates

I have just made a few very minor updates in the about me section. Just getting some information up to date and reformulating some sentences, nothing big.

I don’t want to start any big work on here, as I’m working on something else altogether that would negate my efforts here. (If you don’t know what I’m preparing by now, you need to get your brain checked)

Shiny Layout

I changed the layout because I got tired of the green. When the little surprise comes, well, I’ll have so many more choices…

Anyway, the one thing that bugs me at the moment is that, when it shows pages at the top of the page, it includes subpages under Articles. Go away!

Tiny Updates

I have made small updates here and there around the site.

The Resources page has been updated with a few links and the Keeping Yourself Safe article has finally been added.

Changed the Theme

I just changed the theme (again, yes, but I hadn’t changed it for some time).

As I can’t fiddle around with the code as I want, I have to use widgets. However, there is no widget to display only top-level pages. You have to display all of them, and you can exclude those you don’t want displayed. I would love if there was some way to do the opposite: enter the pages I want instead of those I don’t want. It’s not necessarily visible, but what with things like my joined fanlistings, I have tons of pages.

Anyway, apart from that things should be fine. The only annoyance is the list of monthly archives that goes on forever, but that’s what you get for blogging for such a long period of time.

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