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I Have Corrupted the Furry One

I have corrupted my cat. She just jumped onto the desk…and drank some of my Pepsi! I can’t believe it, just a few weeks ago she would run away from the glass as soon as she would smell it.


Happy New Year and Notes

First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a happy new year. There will be no promise of losing weight, drinking less Pepsi, reading more books or anything of the sort from me.

Second, I am currently in Montreal for a few days—no more than a week. I have a few appointments and things to settle. Nothing of the “I’ll break your leg!” kind.

Third, I haven’t been very active online of late. I think it’s mostly because I’ve been quite busy with the holidays. Family dinners every two or three days don’t leave me with much time to chat, review and blog. I hope to return to working on the future of this site when I go back to my parents’ place. Here’s to hoping we finally get a router so my computer can be plugged to the internet.

Fourth, I hope my cat is going fine while I’m so far from her! Poor little scared thing. 😦

At Home, Now

I arrived home yesterday evening, but I only got time to sit down here just now, and even then I don’t have all the afternoon to myself for mindless browsing. So, I’ll just give a few observations and updates in list form.

  • My cat is still very quiet in the car. She was in there for 10 bloody hours and started mewing with impatience only around the last half an hour.
  • We ate at my godmother’s place for dinner (that’s the meal eaten around noon). There was delicious salmon.
  • Beatrice is still very scared and doesn’t go out of my room much—except, of course, when I’m downstairs, in which case she sometimes mews to tell me how terrible it is to leave her alone upstairs.
  • She woke me up twice during the night. Once, she had opened one of the drawers in my closet (?)…and fallen behind it, all the way to the bottom, opening the two other drawers on her way. The second time, it was because she was fighting with a plastic bowl filled with catnip, in an attempt to open it up.
  • My mother sometimes babysits my niece and nephew. They sleep in my bedroom, because it’s the one best placed and whatnot for that purpose. When I went to bed yesterday, the plastic that covers the mattress for when children pee in bed was still there.
  • How did we manage to need 10 hours for that trip?

My Cat is a Ferocious Predator

I return home from uninteresting stuff. My cat rushes inside with something in her mouth, looking very cute and proud.

She hurries to go beside the couch while I follow her. She proudly puts her prey on the floor to show it to me, then proceeds to mew in that particular way of hers, to say “Mommy, it’s time to play”. I look at the object with anticipation, certain I am to see her very first real mouse. And what do I see? A dead leaf.

A Hole To Be Fixed

You remember the broken net? Well, it’s gonna have to get fixed.

Early this morning, I hear my cat rushing inside after a fight with a cat. Nothing special here, she does that a million times a day. I sit up in my bed…and there’s a black cat in my bedroom. As if getting inside and going all the way upstairs wasn’t enough, it started mewing out loud in the corridor. I managed to escort him outside.

Soon after, I hear more noise and, guess what? I see some gray cat in the corridor, running away as I approach him. I suspect that one to be Scruffy.

I love cats, but I don’t want to be awoken every morning by a dozen hungry cats or by neighbors’ cats fighting in the corridor.

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