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Things That Just Don’t Work On The Internet

I just need a bit of ranting.

  • Multi-colored capchtas. It’s already a pain in the butt trying to read an ordinary catpcha, with horizontal, same-sized letters, in shades of gray. When you make it multi-colored too (with a colored background and letters in different color), you’re making it harder for the average person. Also, you’re making it practically impossible to read for someone with an eye problem such as color blindness.
  • Close lettered captchas. I could list a million possible problems with captchas, but I’ll go only with the previous one and this one. It’s already hard to know if it’s a ‘zero’ (0) or an O, if the letter is uppercase or lowercase, if it’s a diagonal Z or a diagonal N, and you decide that the letters will be touching each others. Congratulations, now I just want to close the tab and move on to a different site.
  • SnapShot Page Previews. I can maybe perhaps do lots of efforts to try understanding the idea behind providing a preview of sites to your visitors. There are however problems with that. First, not every site in the world has a preview. Second, it is so damn slow. It’s been forever since I last used a slow phone connection, but I still can’t bear to wait for your stupid snapshots to load. When I put my mouse over a link, I’m expecting to see the hand cursor, with maybe a minor hover effect and a simple title, not have to wait for a preview to load. I just really don’t see the point in the end. “It makes visitors trust your site”. No, it doesn’t. It just tells me what the site I’m about to visit might look like, because it once did. In no way does it tell me how very awesome is the owner of the site I’m currently visiting.
  • Keywords power! Some time ago, meta tags were implemented. You could fill them with keywords and a description relating to your site, in an attempt to boost your search engine rank. However, with time, people have learned that search engines, notably Google, barely rely on these at all because of how people loved to boost them with irrelevant keywords to get hit. So what do people do now? They place keywords all over the fucking place. “Dream personal site personal about me Julie Canadian girl female Asperger Syndrome Asperger’s Asperger Autism autistic disease mental illness mental disease ocd obsessive compulsive disorder ocd oc disorder tutorials reviews movie reviews movies game reviews game gaming gamer gamers” would be the new text to display in my title bar. A good link to my site wouldn’t show in the title something like “Dream, Julie’s personal site”, but rather “Dream, Julie personal site” with a million more keywords afterwards. And that just bug me. A lot. We’re back to what I call cheap SEO ways. Why? Because they’re not frank, in my opinion, and worse of all, they are not practical. Usability and practicability are two very fun things I wish people wouldn’t forget about.

There are some things I’d like to blog about, but for the moment I will only plug Created by Jem and designed by Jacky, it’s the new cool community where you can review other members’ sites and get yours reviewed.

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Art Thief Wins Contest

Marie has created and posted on DeviantART over a year ago a cute little sushi design. The design has won a contest. But…oops! The contestant was not Marie.

In other words, someone stole Marie’s artwork and used it to win the contest. To top it off, it is not just any average contest where you can win something like an avatar. It’s a contest where the winner can get real money, a scholarship of a few thousands of dollars.

You can visit the site to warn them of this fraud, or add Marie’s news on DeviantART to your favorites.

April’s Fool Day

I abhor that day. Beside a few jokes, like some Google ones, I just hate it. I’m an anxious person. I keep having obsessions / thoughts that the whole world is not really like I see it, that X and Y are lying to me, etc. So today is the perfect day for me to wish to hide in my bedroom (or to play Final Fantasy V, after I convince my brain that the game will not fool me) and not go outdoors.

I hate reading everything with an actually justified suspicion. OK, which part of this is real? Which part is a lie? Is this website pulling a prank or are they serious?

Money? Money!

Thanks for the comments on the previous post. I wasn’t expecting *that* to be my most-comment-attracting post in weeks. 😛

I had an appointment today with the girl who will help me find a job. We were mostly discussing my therapy and my job/school background, in order to give her a general idea of what type of job might interest me.

She told me of an organism that could possibly be interested in a person like me (i.e. a computer geek). They basically produce a newspaper to help homeless people. They have a website and they need someone to keep it updated. I checked the site and it has no trace of PHP anywhere, so I can imagine it being complicated when you are clueless to HTML. I don’t mean that PHP makes things magically updating themselves, but just that you can’t have an HTML-only admin panel to allow quick updates and the like.

That said, I’m not entirely guaranteed to get the job. She needs to verify to things before. First, she needs to check if she can get a subvention. Since I’m a crazy girl and have very little working experience (she doesn’t know I have a lot of personal experience with websites, but that is still different from actually working), and since the organism is specialized in helping people in therapy finding jobs, they can get subventions to compensate employers for potential problems (i.e. me going nuts in the middle of a work day). For the record, I have never actually gone nuts while at work, in any of my previous jobs.

Second, she needs to actually verify that they are still looking for someone. Get all the subventions you want, when there’s no job to do, there’s no job to do. The subvention part shouldn’t be much of a problem, mostly because I am diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, so they’ll be all happy to send me working. “We provide employment for high-functioning autistic people! We are the bestzors!11!!one!”

There are five unpublished drafts in my WordPress admin panel. Two or three are posts I started here and never finished, while the others are from my Funpic website, and probably went boom because I had a hard time making WordPress function properly. Stupid thing. One of these drafts must eventually get published, it’s a…text on some aspects of my writing.

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