Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin: Weapons Guide

This page is a guide to weapons found in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, both from a statistical and an “I tried it” point of view. Weapons are sorted alphabetically by name. I have decided to not include all weapons, but only those I have used and found great.

Alucard’s Spear

Just look at its attack power: 120! That’s enough of a reason to like it.


While the Minotaurs aren’t my favorite enemies to defeat repeatedly, I must say they drop a pretty good weapon here. I recommend getting it if you don’t mind drop hunting a bit.


I like this sword mostly because I like great swords (heavy swords that form an ark from behind you to the front). You won’t need it for very long.

Final Sword

While getting it can be a bit long, as it is dropped by Final Guards, it is a pretty good sword, only surpassed by the Holy Claymore.

Flame Whip

This whip is good because of its fire element, mainly. It is useful to defeat Gold Skeletons if you don’t have the powered up Vampire Killer, as they are weak against fire. If used wisely, this whip can be pretty useful.

Heaven’s Sword

I’ve used it only when I was able to make the Flying Armors drop it early on. The fact that it flies forward and returns to you is what makes the weapon worth using. As I said, though, you should get it early or forget it, because it’s power is nothing to what you’ll eventually get.

Holy Claymore

I think this is my favorite weapon, even above the powered up Vampire Killer. It is holy, so it is even more efficient against some enemies than it would be if it only had its attack power. The attack power in question, however, is pretty high (100), a fact that must not be neglected. It does come at a high price, but selling less powerful weapons and/or using a Gold Ring can be good strategies to quickly gather money. Besides, I find that Portrait of Ruin is an easy game to gather lots of money.

Leather Whip

I must admit I’m not sure which “not so special” whip I have used. Keep in mind that whips are fun for long range and speed.


A not-too-bad weapon to use early one (in the City of Haze). Its main default is that it is extremely slow. It can however hit twice enemies that are on the floor, which is quite a plus.

Medusa Whip

I never use this as a long-term weapon, but it can be useful to petrify an annoying enemy and make its death easier.


This whip is cool because it can target enemies relatively well. This makes no difference in some cases, but it’s pretty useful against flying enemies.

Rahab’s Frost

This weapon isn’t very strong, but the fact that it is ice-elemental can make it a good weapon against fire enemies such as Aguni.

Royal Sword

Not only does the sword have a rather good attack, but it can increase other statistics too. It can be useful to complete the quest where you must raise your CON to 100 or more.

Stellar Sword

Use its critical attack (Up+attack button) to attack every enemy on screen.

Undead Killer

While it is not such a bad weapon in terms of attack, its purpose is mainly to allow you to kill Red Axe Armors and Red Skeletons. The former drop Magic Tickets, and must be killed in order to drop.

Vampire Killer (First Version)

While it’s far from being an excellent weapon, the first version of the VK, which you have at the start of the game, is not so bad. It has the strong advantage of being long-ranged and, of course, its full power can be unlocked later on in the game.

Vampire Killer (Powered Up)

After defeating Richter Belmont, you unlock the true power of the Vampire Killer. This weapon is undeniably good, for various reasons. First, it has a good attack power. Then, it is fast. Finally, it has a long range.

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