For Fanlisting Owners

Visual Presentation

While a fanlisting does not have to be an amazing and unique piece of art, it should at least be pleasant to the eyes. Like any other website, clashing colors are to be avoided, just as are the default browser values (that is, lack of styling).

Remember that people have a very wide range of screen resolutions, sizes and qualities. Text should never be too tiny, whereas too wide might look strange. Your best bet is to use percentages to determine font sizes via CSS, so that text can be resized in every browser and will adapt itself to the visitor’s screen resolution.

Not everyone who arrives on your fanlisting is very used to the web and, even if they are, there are bad practices you should avoid. Navigation should be easy to find. Crosses at the bottom of your layout are not easy to find. Ideally, it should be text. Make it explicit (Rules, Codes, Join, Members, etc.). You can put creativity elsewhere.

Your layout does not need to include any image. This doesn’t mean you are lazy. If you take the time to properly code a layout using only (X)HTML and CSS, you can produce a very pleasant result without resorting to images. This is also a good technique to avoid copyright problems. Of course, images can always add something to your website, making it look better.

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