You’re In The Army Now!

Normally, when someone I like (a friend, a family member, etc.) or even just someone I know achieves something, I’m happy for that person. I don’t necessarily dance and hop around, but I will at least feel some sort of happiness.

For example, I hadn’t spoken to my ex for a few months, but I still wanted to congratulate him for finishing his movie. I knew it was an important project for him.

But in this one particular case, I just can’t feel happy. My cousin (a man) has dreamed of being in the army for a long time. I didn’t have all my teeth and he already wanted to be in the army. And now he got in. The big day is on February something.

I try to think “oh, I will congratulate him! He must be so happy” and other things like that, but I just can’t. If he was at least saying “I want to help make the world a better place” or whatever the mission of the Canadian army is (when we don’t have Harper as a leader, that is)…but that’s not what he says. He wants to fight. He wants to be a combat soldier, or whatever they’re called.

It just doesn’t agree with me. If he had chosen to be an accountant, I would have found it incredibly boring, but at least it wouldn’t have hurt the little part of me that wishes we could all dance together among the flowers.


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  1. Kaylee Said:

    I guess not everyone is cut out for the same things 😐

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