DragonFable Comments and Resources

That my AdventureQuest resources post would have a follow up was merely a question of when I would finally get around to sitting down doing it.

So, here we go. Let’s talk about DragonFable, another game by Artix Entertainment. Before going into the resources (which you can access by simply scrolling down), I will add a few comments as to why I prefer DragonFable over AdventureQuest.

  • Fewer players means that you never have to wait to log in, even if you don’t have a paid account (called Dragon Amulets). Just go to the site and log in.
  • Being more recent and smaller means the graphics are of better quality. If you fight against some old enemies in AQ (and there are lots of them!), you will see that they usually greatly lack in texture, making them look much more cheap. While DragonFable might not always be a chef d’oeuvre of digital art, the graphics are overall much better.
  • The damage formula has changed, making the game far easier and far less frustrating. Easier is not always better but, in this particular case, it is.

So, on with the actual resources. As with AdventureQuest, the forums are definitely the place to go for information. What’s great is that most questions are already answered.

The Encyclopedia is filled with lots of information which can always be useful. Here are a few very useful threads. “A-Z” threads contain a list of equipment, monsters, etc., with links to individual threads about said equipment, monster, etc.

This concludes our tour. You are welcome to ask me any questions (regarding the game!) that aren’t answered up there.


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