What If It Was The Other Way Around?

I think I mentioned something the other day about my psychiatrist increasing my medication dosage. The increase was from 30mg to 40mg. I start taking the pills, and it didn’t take a week before the effects started kicking in…in a bad way.

I felt constantly tired and rather dizzy. I lost my motivation for doing anything…I knew that the single important change in my life then was the dosage, so I thought of going back to 30mg.

But what did I do instead? I went back to 20. I thought, why not try it? I can see how I feel at 20 and, if things go bad, I’ll go back to 30. And guess what? It is AWESOME! The drowsiness is gone and I feel much better. I’ve even done some cleaning and cooking. I haven’t turned into a perfectly healty girl mentally, but I feel much better than I did even when I was on 30mg. Hurray for moi!


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  1. Veronica Said:

    I’m glad to hear that you were able to drop back to something lower and doing well. Yay for you!

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