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Apart from sleeping, there are two things that take the most of my time: work and video games. But just beating the final boss is not enough. I am a completist. I must defeat every enemy at least once, have all inventory items, be at the highest level, etc. Naturally, however, it gets kind of boring to spend hours and hours in the same area wondering just how to get that one item you’re missing. Fortunately for me, there are tons of sites that will tell you just where you can get that item. Ain’t it wonderful?

This post doesn’t just include links to FAQs and walkthroughs, but also links to fansites, encyclopedias, online games, and all sorts of fun things.

This is probably only part 1, as game sites are awesome and numerous.

FAQs, Guides, Walkthroughs, etc.

  • GameFAQs. While the forums can get a bit annoying with hArDcOrE gAmErZ, it does remain a very good place to go when you are stuck in a game
  • IGN FAQs. You will sadly get interrupted by ads once in a while, but their walkthroughs can be interesting. GameFAQs and other fan-made stuff have an advantage, however, in that they don’t bother with being official and give you everything there is to take.

Game News and Information

Online Games

  • AdventureQuest, a free online RPG by Artix Entertainment
  • Big Fish Games, a variety of flash games (downloadable or online), mostly casual games (puzzles, point & click, etc.).
  • DragonFable, another game by Artix Entertainment, which I like better.
  • JoyTube, various casual online games. Mostly word, card and number games
  • Planarity, a puzzle/mind game

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  1. Veronica Said:

    Most of the video games I play don’t need walk throughs, but my husband LOVES THEM!

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