A Tic

I have a very annoying tic. It’s annoying for me, and I’m sure people who would look at me for a long time would get annoyed too. It’s on and off, but it has been rather on lately. I blink. My left eye “blinks hard”, you could say, full with tension on the left side of my face.

That already was not fun, but now I’m getting an added side effect. When the tic kicks in and I do it a few times, I get the feeling that I’m about to throw up. I even get that throat movement whose English name I can’t find. Not fun.



  1. April Said:

    Aww that is no good! Have you been to the doctor about it? If its getting worse then you should definitely see somebody about it.

  2. Sara Said:

    throwing up from a tic? sounds like a nerve damage, I’d get that checked out.

  3. Krystal Said:

    my eye twitches occasionally… usually under stress but its never fun! i love the theme btw.

  4. Kirsten Said:

    I had a a tick when I was younger a slight facial one where my mouth would kinda “quirk” up on one side. Everyone thought I was just giving a cute little smile but I wasn’t. It annoyed me but did no real harm. I luckily grew out of it. But I wonder if it starts when your older if it might stop after a bit? You should check with your doctor just in case… It’s likely nothing though most ticks are nothing but an annoyance.

  5. Stephanie Said:

    I think the word you’re looking for is gag?

  6. Julie Said:

    @Stephanie: Yes, that’s the word. It occurred to me later, but I couldn’t be bothered to edit the post.

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