Sarah Palin and Hunting

Among the many, many, many, many people who oppose Sarah Palin (and are quite right to), there is a lot that uses the fact that she supports hunting and has herself hunted for animals as a reason to dislike her.

Now I only hope you will read carefully what I’m about to write, and not just the first part of the first sentence, because if that’s what you do, you’re missing my whole point.

I am not opposed to hunting, provided it is for nutrition purpose (i.e. eat the meat) and that the animal is not part of an endangered species. So I will not call Palin a demon because she “eats moose”, but I will speak against her for a few reasons in regards to her hunting practices, and those she supports:

  1. “What you mean “endangered species”? In the Bible, God says animals are ours to kill freely”. Well, too bad for you, lady, because whatever your God told you, the fact remains that some animals are endangered. And guess what? These animals are usually endangered because of humans. Humans hunting them (for their fur, for their “front legs” – what the fuck do you do with wolf front legs? -, for their liver or for whatever else humans fancy in them) and humans destroying their natural habitat to get resources. You know, stuff like oil.
  2. Of the animals Palin has shown to be “good to kill” are some that humans don’t eat. You take off their fur and sell it at ridiculously high prices, or use it as a carpet. I would never be able to walk around my apartment and see a bear on the floor, personally. Wolves? Nobody eats that. Humans have no reason to kill wolves beside selfish profit.
  3. The third one is what irks me the most. As governor of Alaska, Palin wanted to pay hunters for their kills. It is not the government’s job to pay anyone for their hunting. When my uncles go hunting, they do it for their entertainment and because it tastes good. They are not doing a service to the state, therefore the state has no reason to pay them back. Even wolves do not pose a serious threat to human beings. We have no reason to kill them, least of all to encourage their killing by a government program.

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