This morning, I was thinking of various things in relation to my plan to dominate save the world. I remembered my geography teacher telling us about Darfur. And then it occurred to me. Geography. That was over 3 years ago. It has been so fucking long. I’d say “pardon the expression” but, really, a few hundred of “fuckings” are nothing compared to the scale of this.

It started in February 2003 (well, officially. Wars don’t start suddenly with a bang, there is much going on behind the scenes, but this is the date you’ll find if you do a bit of research). And we are doing nothing. My southern neighbors, the United States, are making war a bit further in the east. During these five years (almost six by now), they have spent billions upon billions in this war. Other countries have sent troops, either to help in the war or for “humanitarian purposes”.

Government officials are spouting words like “freedom”, “democracy” and “our values” when they are justifying their actions in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries of Middle East. How about Sudan? Why would anyone give a shit about Sudan?

Sudan doesn’t have enough oil for us. The USA even put an embargo on Sudan (before the conflict).

You know what? This makes me sick. It makes me sick that no one does anything, it makes me sick that some even cite international laws to say we can’t intervene. This is a sick world. And, to make matters worse, I’m not even sure Obama will win the elections, and I highly doubt that McCain has any intention of doing anything about Darfur. If he did, anyway, it would surely involve bombs and result in an even bigger economical crisis in a couple of years from now.

As for Palin, she probably couldn’t locate Sudan on a map.


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