My Cat is a Ferocious Predator

I return home from uninteresting stuff. My cat rushes inside with something in her mouth, looking very cute and proud.

She hurries to go beside the couch while I follow her. She proudly puts her prey on the floor to show it to me, then proceeds to mew in that particular way of hers, to say “Mommy, it’s time to play”. I look at the object with anticipation, certain I am to see her very first real mouse. And what do I see? A dead leaf.



  1. Vickie Said:

    If it’s a giant piece of leaf that fell from a tall, tall tree, then she should get some credits. 😛

  2. Hanna Said:

    lol Your cat the great predator, that’s cute. XD

  3. Holly Said:

    Oooh! Sounds fearsome! All stray leaves in your garden had better watch out! 😛

  4. Amanda Said:

    It must have been a vicious leaf! 😛

  5. Amanda Said:

    ^RE Vickie: maybe she hauled it off the tree :D.

    Haha, beats having to clean up after my cat though – brought home poor half-dying birds that fluttered under my mum’s bed, whilst fully bleeding all over the floor :S Then we had to bury it 😦

  6. Yante Said:

    Haha, I laughed :’D
    I love the way you wrote that.

  7. Julie Said:

    Oh that sucks. 😦

    My cat did pee on props for Eric’s movie though… Oops.

    At least they’re curtains, so they can be washed…but maybe they will shrink. *sigh* Stupid thing.

  8. Aaron Said:

    Ahaha, I love cats. I bet you were relived it was a leaf and not a dead rodent on your floor, though.

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  10. Caz Said:

    LMAO! xD Your cat sounds adorable.
    I wish my cats would bring in leaves instead of dead mice. :/

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