Gay Marriage (again)

Having some fun browsing Yahoo! Answers in search of idiots, I found this:

Here’s why…..(besides that we have to clog up the court system even more with gay divorces which is just ridiculous)
If you allow the gays to have marriages, then to be fair, you have to allow the bisexuals to have marriages. Which means….one of each. And that’s polygamy.

Fucktwit. Big ass fucktwit. Being bisexual absolutely fucking doesn’t equal being polygamous. It just means that you don’t care if someone has a vagina or a penis.


Did I say fucktwit?



  1. Jessa Said:

    Haha, sorry, I just stumbled onto your blog and read that. Seriously? I’m embarrassed for the person that said that. Some people just make my skin crawl with their ignorance.

  2. Aaron Said:

    I worry about the human population sometimes…

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