I has a happy

Allow me to interrupt the social issues talk to share my joy and excitement: !!!1!1!!ONEZOMGJOY!!1!

I have left the ranks of singlehood. His name is Sébastien. I met him when he came to help with Eric’s movie. He had a minor role.

Now I got to run, duty calls me (not that kind of duty).



  1. Aisling Said:

    I officially think you suck. .. Well… ew, I don’t want to think about you sucking *that way*. Ahhhhhhh.

    I once learned how to say “I’ll suck you off for a beer,” in Quebecois (it was a JOKE! Honestly, I am not such a harlot…), but I don’t know if I can remember it…

  2. Julie Said:

    Snif. Ling hates me. 😦

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