A World With Abortion

I believe I have understood one of the things that bother people who oppose abortion. It’s the image they get in their mind, perhaps unconsciously. The image of millions of women getting multiple abortions per year. “Honey, I’m off to the abortion clinic today. Want me to pick something at the store on my way back?”

Of course, such a view of our future has one major flaw: it doesn’t take into account that there are many steps before abortion.

First, yes, I fully accept sex outside marriage. Sex for the fun of it, sex between two people who love each other, any form of consensual sex is fine by me. This, of course, already makes some people faint with shame of our society. Well, too bad for them, because it’s gonna happen anyway.

So, back to abortion. I see abortion as a last resort. It’s the last thing you do when you have done everything else you should and, oops, you find yourself pregnant anyway. It can happen. Contraceptive methods are not 100% effective.

Of course, there’s abstinence. Whatever passion is burning inside you, people usually have a certain form of control. You are able to see someone else, even someone you find really attractive, without necessarily having sex with him/her. But I don’t think that abstinence is something everyone who isn’t married must practice. It’s just a personal choice.

There are many contraceptive methods available around the world (although some countries aren’t fond of them, even if they should).

Two of the most common and best known are the condom and the birth control pill. The former is easily available pretty much everywhere. In places where it is not available, then it should be. Go on, then, install condom machines everywhere. Condoms are relatively easy to use, don’t mess up with your hormonal system, are available in multiple sizes and also provide some protection against STIs.

There are also a variety of other methods, some that you rarely hear about outside sex education classes: intrauterine devices, spermicide, etc.

If you’re having sex or think you will start soon, then I recommend talking to your doctor to look into your options. Each method has advantages and inconvenients. Also don’t forget that each method can come in a variety of “ways”. For example, there are lubricated and non-lubricated condoms in a variety of sizes (there are also both male and female condoms), there are a variety of contraceptive pills, etc.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite method of contraception, just stick to it. Don’t skip pills, don’t think “Oh, well, that man is handsome, I’m not using a condom”, etc. If you have a problem that can’t easily be solved, talk to a doctor again.

Let’s say you do all of that and, oops, the condom breaks, or something else happens that makes you fear pregnancy. There is a resort-before-last, the morning-after pill. It should be available in clinics and/or drugstores.

Then, at last, if you realize you are pregnant, there is abortion. So, yes, it involves all sorts of big bad things (made in Satan’s Factory, of course), but, normally, if you call yourself pro-choice, you should also be aware of methods of birth control and put them in practice. I can’t think of anyone who thinks everyone getting several abortions is cool. There are only people who understand that people who are unable to have a child at the moment, for any reason, are still going to have sex. That kind of stuff happens. Get over it and enjoy yourself.

Oh, I forgot to mention, consider this part 1. Part 2 (which will not necessarily be my very next post) concerns childfree and other “I’m not getting kidz nao, kthxbai” issues.


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  1. Holly Said:

    You have an interesting perspective, and good advice. 🙂
    Looking forward to Part 2. The Childfree movement interests me too. 🙂

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