What a week-end!

Oof! It’s over, but it’s been quite a week-end. Friday was devoted to cleaning and Saturday to filming. We filmed again on Sunday, but for a much shorter period of time, then we went at a friend’s place to relieve the stress by watching Flights of the Conchords and playing games.

So, the filming…Eric was quite stressed before and, once it was over, he was anxious and certain that it was a complete failure. When we digitalized the rushes, though, he could watch them and see they were far from bad.

On Saturday, the apartment was completely crammed with equipment, furniture, props, extras and actors. Not professional actors, of course.

As the scenes we were shooting take place at night, we had to block the windows. Also, we needed silence, so all windows and doors were kept shut. Needless to say it was extremely hot.

Luckily for Eric, he has wonderful friends and the team was made of very nice and cooperative people.

Now we need to clean the apartment again…We had emptied all shelves on the first floor and put their contents in boxes on the second floor. Now we have to do the opposite. Much fun in perspective.



  1. regina Said:

    What were you guys shooting? πŸ˜› And wow, that sounds like a jam-packed weekend!

  2. Julie Said:

    Eric is making an amateur film with his own (inexistent) money. πŸ™‚ It’s a personal project, a film about OCD. The actors are people he knows, same for the extras, the technical crew, etc. Everything we can do to lower the cost. πŸ˜‰

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