Too Much Stuff

There is way too much stuff in my apartment.

It’s a rather large apartment. It’s on two floors. On the first one are a large kitchen and dining room, a large living room, and a very tiny bathroom (with only a toilet, a sink and a mirror); on the second floor are three bedrooms and a second bathroom (where the bath/shower, the washing machine and the drying machine are, as well as a second toilet and a sink). Yet, somehow, we have managed to cram it.

The kitchen. There is a dining table (duh), with six chairs, a shelf with the microwave and a small toaster oven, and a desk. There are also the cupboard where we keep food, and a disk shelf.

The living room. There are two couches (one with two seats and one with three), two armchairs, two coffee tables, two bookshelves filled with DVDs (and actually more than full. It was full when my two roommates moved in one year ago, so now it’s even more full as we kept buying more films and shows), one bookshelf filled with VHSs (it is also more than full, with some cassettes on the floor), a bookshelf filled with games, books and other stuff, two keyboards (the music instrument), a second dining table, which we use to hold the computer I’m currently using, the TV on its cabinet and a bookshelf with books (it is full, of course).

My bedroom. A way too small bookshelf, far more than full, a double bed, my clothes thingy, a desk with my computer and, because it annoys my roommate, I had to put my single bed’s bed. It is standing up, leaning against the wall.

Eric’s bedroom. His has no bed base but, naturally, there is a mattress on the floor, a desk with his computer, a small cabinet, and his clothes thingy (see how my furniture vocabulary in English is varied).

Other Eric’s bedroom. He also has a mattress since he got rid of the bed base, a large shelf holding various stuff, a couple more shelves and cabinets, and a clothes thingy…in the wardrobe. He had it fit in there to have more space elsewhere in the room.

Like that was not enough, Eric is filming next week and part of his film involves an art exposition. The works that are being exposed are not paintings that you hang on the wall. They are large wooden…thingies (I like that word). There are several smaller ones, but there are two larger than me. So, before next weekend, we must figure out a way to fit everything in the apartment, place the art in a way that it looks exposed and not just stored, in addition to filming equipment and extras (the people type of extras, the ones that appear in films and TV shows).

Good luck to us and my apologies to the furry one, who will be quite traumatized next week.


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