Jobs I Wouldn’t Do

A few weeks ago, Amanda blogged about Morality in Jobs. She asked a question of which the first part was “What job would be most abhorrent to you (on the basis of the principles of the position being against your morals)?”. The second part concerned money, but I will ignore that part. This is simply my answer.

I have voluntarily omitted both jobs that I would not want for reasons other than morals (e.g. janitor), as well as things you don’t write as is on your tax report, such as prostitute or drug dealer.

  • Flower shop owner or salesperson. You’re probably wondering where the moral dilemma lies in selling pretty flowers to people. The problem does not lie there, but further back, at the source of the flowers. A bit of further reading: New York Times: Behind Rose’s Beauty, Poor and Ill Workers (also read a reply from a reader, Ecuador’s Flowers)
  • A cosmetics or “beauty products” company. Pollution and waste are enormous, and I cannot talk about cosmetics without talking about the negative image of women (and men) that some companies promote.
  • A fur or leather producer or seller.
  • Any company that abuses animals, children or any other living being. That includes those enormous farms that keep thousands of pigs with 2 square feet each.

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