Of gays and other things

I’m browsing through some forum, where I found a discussion about homosexuality. I couldn’t resist reading even though I knew there would be people strongly opposing it.

but liberal thinks if a gay guy hit on a striaght guy the striaght guy should go out with the gay guy. if he doesnt hes close minded right?

Terrible grammar aside, huh? There are people who are straight. I’m over it, you know. Actually, it was never a shock to me. I’m not going to try to “convert” people. If you’re not interested in men, you don’t have to pretend being. If a man hits on another man and the man being hit on loves women, well, that’s just how it is. It’s not close-mindedness. It’s just orientation.

What if he wont stop touching me and stuff

I think the man was continuing from the previous post, but I’m not sure. If that’s the case, the problem isn’t homosexuality, it’s someone being annoying to you. Gays and bisexuals are able to understand things like “I’m not interested”. Really, we are. I can see plenty of people in a day and not grab the genitals of any of them.

There is also someone whose main argument is that homosexuality has never been the preferred orientation in any society. So what? I am surrounded by far more people with brown eyes than people with blue eyes. Should I prosecute blue-eyed people? What about vegetarianism? It is not the most popular lifestyle here. Are vegetarians bad people?

But the part that made me release the loudest mental HUH? was this

I believe homosexuality is something that you choose because you do not truly understand yourself.

Abso-fucking-lutely fucking not. My bisexuality is an inherent part of myself. It is in my personality, my behavior, my thoughts, my words…The first few weeks where I understood that part of me, it was a revelation. Like finding out the one career you want to follow. So, author of the above quote, I have not “chosen homosexuality because I do not truly understand myself”. I understand myself better knowing and accepting that fact.

Oh, and someone who spoke very wise words:

when i look at a black man i notice he has a different colour skin to me, when i look at a woman i notice the fact she has breasts. however these differences do not mean that there should be any less respect for them. i do not hold less respect towards black men because they are black, i do not hold less respect towards women because they have breasts.


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  1. keltic Said:

    I’m surprised Bible verses weren’t brought out to support their points. Although, one scripture came to my mind as I was reading some of their words: out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.

    so when your straight poster said “what if he won’t stop touching me and stuff?” what we learned about him is that if he is attracted to a woman, he continues to grope her long after she’s said “no.” Let people talk long enough, listen carefully, and they will indeed tell you a lot about themselves!

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