Who turned this place into an oven?

I arrived from work less than half an hour ago covered in sweat. And I really mean covered. I was becoming sweat. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this disgusting in my life.

It’s not just that it’s hot, it’s that it’s terribly humid. I absolutely hate humidity. It makes me feel a lot of discomfort. I always scrub myself until I’m red after taking a shower.

Speaking of which, I just took a shower, of course. A cold shower. My showers are always the opposite of the weather (except for the humid part…).

Now I must cook. Not that I really need to. I’m sure if I leave the rice on the counter, it will be perfect in about 20 minutes, cooked and all that.


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  1. Arwen Said:

    Haha, ew. I hate when it’s so humid like that, and you just sweat uncontrollably. We’re girls. We’re not supposed to be gross.

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