Gaming Cliches

I don’t like posting twice on the same day, but something has been bugging me all day and I need to write it down before I forget.

I love playing video games. If you picture me sitting down, covered in glitter, playing Nintendogs on my pink DS while chatting with my “girl friends”* on my cell phone, that picture of me exists only in your mind.

But that is not quite the topic here. I was reading video-game related lists today when I found one titled something like “Top 10 games not to play with your boyfriend”. Many of the games were shooters or other “gAmEz FoR bOiZ!1!1!1!!!”

There is one major problem with the list, that hurts the anti-sexist in me.

It is the problem that girls should in every way please their boyfriend. Your boyfriend wants to win? Let him win! Flatter his ego, girls! After all, you’re just a silly pretty thing: we all know that he is far more intelligent and skilled than you

When I read the list, I have the feeling that, while I can be good at video games, I must not make my boyfriend feel inferior, that would be terribly bad. I should feel guilty to be winning and purposefully play less well than my skills allow, for his very own pleasure. After all, what am I beside a machine made to please him? “Beer!” Sure, honey, here it comes! “I am the best!” Of course, honey, you are the best!

If your get into arguments because your boyfriend (or girlfriend) doesn’t like that you are winning over video games, s/he has anger management issues. When I see someone I love succeeding in something, I’m happy, even if that person just so happens to have beaten me to something. And there are games I’m good at. Woo, big deal. Come on, boys, be angry at me. Girls must not be good at video games, after all.

* I’m attracted to girls among others, and the term “girl friends” is something I never use to refer to my female friends.



  1. The Blogger, Q Said:

    Haha. I demolish my boyfriend at shooters 🙂

  2. Amanda Said:

    Hahahaa. That’s the equivalent to saying that girls should lose at sports they’re good at on purpose just so their male counterparts don’t feel bad. Urgh.

  3. mandspasm Said:

    My boyfriend gets pissed off when I win at something, but he knows it’s all in good fun. When he loses, he just tries harder to beat me, but he acknowledges that I’m better than him at some things. Even sports! He openly admits that I am and always will be better than him at sports.

    One thing that makes me… “angry”… is those stupid commercials showing girls playing video games. They typically are these insanely girly girls who has a pink DS or playing this sissy game online. (Though I do love Nintendogs.) Then when it comes to some totally awesome action, blood-filled game, it’s a guy playing it.

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