Scruffy in Montreal

Perhaps you have read (and seen) about Jem’s Mr. Scruffy (except she writes it without a period after the “Mr”. Stoopid British).

Well, trust me, that cat looks like a king compared to my Scruffy. No Mr., because he certainly doesn’t look like a gentleman (or a lady). I don’t know his gender, he doesn’t seem very keen on being taken.

Scruffy first showed up a few weeks ago, I’d say sometime in May. He has short/mid-length gray hair and generally just looks like a cat. But not just about any cat. The first time I saw him, I thought he had just gotten into a fight. His fur feels odd, kind of dirty, and towards the end of his back (near his tail), it’s all…how to say…Well, it’s scruffy. The scruffiest fur I’ve ever seen, except on some obese cats that are unable to wash themselves everywhere.

He might very well have fleas and ceiling cat knows what else. I don’t let him in, although I suspect he did come in once, running away when I moved. I saw a flash of grayness running out.

My cat doesn’t do much. When I pet him, she stares at him with her big eyes. “Mommy, just what are you doing?” She doesn’t hiss at him, but she practically never hisses anyway. I think I’ve seen her do it a grand total of one time since I got her, and it was aimed at my roommate. The bastard had dared approaching her highness. Although, you never know, it might be because he was only wearing a towel around his waist and she was afraid of what might happen.

I feed Scruffy sometimes. I put a bowl with some dry food when I see him, and he eats it happily. He looks very thin. When I pet him (he loves being petted, above all around his head), I can feel his bones.

If I was very rich, I’d take him to the vet, but that would probably require me to get him inside first. I can’t really tell the vet that I’ll just show up whenever the cat comes here. Except for emergencies, like when my cat fell off the roof, there’s about one month of wait between the time you take your appointment and the time of the actual appointment. For example, I had to call about one month ago for an appointment this week.

But the difficulty of getting an appointment is not the main put off. The biggest problem I have is the price. As I said, he could very well have some diseases. I also have no idea of whether he has been sterilized and vaccinated. I just don’t have the money to pay for all that. If you do however, you can leave me a note and I’ll see to contacting you. 😉


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  1. Jem Said:

    I noticed last night that Mr Scruffy may in fact be Mrs Scruffy :S

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