My School Is Prettier Than Yours

I went to the cegep—that’s college for you—today (Tuesday).

I had the stupid idea of walking from the metro station to my destination. As I said: stupid idea. The walk was much longer than anticipated and, because I have no familiarity with the place, I ended up going the long way. Long path + feet rather than bus led to my being very much in late, by about 45 minutes. As if it weren’t enough, I was only 5 minutes before closure. Fortunately for me, though, the woman I had to meet did not actually finish in 5 minutes, so I could meet her…Much to my disappointment, I had been “summoned” merely to sign something. Great. Marvelous. About 1 hour and 30 minutes of subway and walk just to sign a bloody paper.

At least, it allowed me to see the area for the first time. Not only is there a bus going right from the metro station to the college, but it passes along a beautiful park. Trees, ladies and gentlemen, trees! I love trees.

The building itself is quite ordinary. Just a building, with windows, doors and that kind of stuff. The park, however, is very beautiful. There are also lots of trees on the actual lot of the college, which is awesome. Even the parking doesn’t look too much like the classic ugly wide parking for well frequented buildings.

Yes, it was my first time going. Actually, up to about 10 minutes before sending in my admission request, I don’t think I had ever heard about it. There are quite a few colleges in Montreal, and most of them offer the program I’m going in—it has some fancy and rather odd name for what it is, but is it basically computer programming.

I will admit it to you, whole world: I chose this particular college because it was the first one on the list whose site I could access. I won’t go studying computer programming in a college that can’t even make a Firefox-compatible website. 😉

Don’t worry too much about the state of accessibility in the province though, it was something like the second on the list.



  1. Aisling Said:

    Oooer, which cegep are you going to? My friend Alex goes to Vieux-Montreal. Cegep always kind of confused me. We don’t have it here, and all the girls I lived with were always on about it. Sounds cool, though, like a baby step toward uni. Where as, the rest of the country just gets thrown into uni and go crazy and fail. Good job, Quebec. 😛

  2. Julie Said:

    Well, here most people say it’s a waste of time and we should have one more year in Secondaire and go straight to university, but I have seen no real clue that this is going to happen any time soon.

    The cegep is called André-Laurendeau. It’s way far west. I should have been less silly and choose one closer to home…But I have three years to do in there, so I have time to move out somewhere closer…but not too close because a) VERY close to the cegep is far from everything else, and just a bit further off are English areas and I wouldn’t want to live there, would I? 😛

  3. Maggie Said:

    Hehe. Going someplace you’ve never been before and getting lost is no fun! Lol..

    I think that’s happened to me and everyone at one point.

    Oh wow, starting college/cegep is an awesome experience! (Not that I know much about cegep but its the equivalent to college..?) And especially living away from home; you’d definitely experience things, I dunno possibly from a college student-ish POV?

    Good luck with and have fun in cegep(? if thats appropriate to say….)! ^^

  4. April Said:

    Hi Julie, this is the owner of the Elephant fanlisting, if you’d please update your link to the new url

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