A Unique Type of Honesty

My ex had a girlfriend up to recently. I’m not talking about Eric, but about some other guy I dated for a whole week when I was in college. His “new” girlfriend-he was with her for a few months at least-has recently broken up with him. If I am to trust his MSN username (ah, technology!), he doesn’t take it quite well and doesn’t him to, er “get it”.

Anyway…currently, according to this very username, he is the most honest man in the world.


I beg to differ…No, I’m not begging for anything. I will plainly say the truth: you, ex of mine, are not the most honest man in the world. I don’t know if any such person exists, but that’s beside the point here. Sure, the guy is nice and he’s not a manipulative compulsive liar, but he isn’t all that honest either.

You see, there once was a time where I was quite close to him. You could say he was my “confidant”. I would tell him everything, or almost. I trusted him deeply. And there was this other guy whom I had a crush on (that was in Secondary V, 4 years ago), who was also a friend of my ex. I would tell my then-not-yet-ex (and not yet boyfriend, of course) about him. I couldn’t speak in terms of frequency and whatnot, but I certainly mentioned him quite more than once.

I was entirely oblivious to an important fact, however: my then-not-yet-ex liked me. Very, very much. Naturally, he became jealous. He told me that my crush found me annoying and wished I would stop talking to him. Of course, I believed him. Looking back now, I know that it was very unlikely because I didn’t speak with him all that much (not at all outside classes).

I ended up getting rather angry at the other guy (my crush) for being such a “hypocrite”…And I told him. I wasn’t vulgar or anything, but I was angry and I hurt him. Everything came to light, fortunately, and I have, er, “made peace” with my no-longer-crush.

The fact remains that the guy lied to me in order to a) make my crush look like a bad guy and b) make himself look better (after all, look at his “honesty! He was telling me of another person’s “hypocrisy”!). So no, ex of mine, the title of the most honest man in the world is not reserved for you.


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  1. April Said:

    O_O I seeeee, I hate people who are like this. It boils my blood quite badly. >=(

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