Art Thief Wins Contest

Marie has created and posted on DeviantART over a year ago a cute little sushi design. The design has won a contest. But…oops! The contestant was not Marie.

In other words, someone stole Marie’s artwork and used it to win the contest. To top it off, it is not just any average contest where you can win something like an avatar. It’s a contest where the winner can get real money, a scholarship of a few thousands of dollars.

You can visit the site to warn them of this fraud, or add Marie’s news on DeviantART to your favorites.



  1. Marie (Inveiglement) Said:

    Thanks for taking the time to blog about it, I really appreciate it 🙂

  2. Holly Said:

    Man! That really sucks! What kind of idiot would do something like that!? I’m surprised they got away with it, obviously they site isn’t very vigilant!

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