A Question of Principle

This is the entry I’ve been delaying for some time.

I will here be discussing something that will bring the topic of…politics. On MY blog? Yes. Usually, my political comments are limited to “Those bastards want to outlaw [insert sexuality related thing here]!”, but today I will speak of voters. You know, those people who choose their leaders carelessly? Yeah, those.

Naturally, there are people out there who choose who to vote for based on actual thought. They will listen or read what the person has to say and choose who is most appropriate for them to vote for. Others, however, don’t put so much thought into it. And this brings me to an attitude that annoys me to no end.

“I will vote for [insert candidate or party name here] because [he is/they are] the one who will win anyway.”

*chokes on food*


If that’s how you choose who you’re going to vote for, then I will gladly tear up your voting bulletin. Well, unless you just happen to have voted for whoever I think should win, naturally. 😉

Let’s take a quick look at the election system of Canada (and of its province of Quebec, naturally). The country is divided into hundreds of areas. In each area, there are candidates trying to win. The candidates can represent a party (the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party, etc.) or be independent.

People vote for these individuals, not directly for the party. Of course, you usually make your choice based on the party represented by the person. Whoever has the most votes wins. Afterwards, the amount of deputies elected for each party is counted for the whole country. The leading party is the one with the highest number of elected deputies. The official opposition is the one with the second highest number, and then come the rest of the parties.

Everyone who has been elected can occupy a seat during political debates, even if the person is the only member of his or her party to have been elected. That person can then take a part in these debates, vote when needed and so on.

Where am I going with this? Let’s say that I know that polls are giving favor to the Conservative Party (ew). Let’s say a very high percentage of people say they will vote for that party. Now, from the “ew” and various statements I have made across this blog and the rest of the web, you might know that, while I don’t have a very strong attachment to any Canadian party, I am certainly not going to vote for the Conservative Party. Their winning is the last thing I want. Yet, let’s suppose that I just know they will win. What do I do?

One thing is sure, I will not say the quote I stated earlier and I will certainly not follow it. The Conservative Party stands for principles I despise. So what do I do? Well, quite naturally, I vote for another party (or, more accurately, for someone not belonging to their party). But…but… I know they will win? Well, screw that! I do not stand for their principles, I disagree with lots of their goals and ideas, and they disagree with basic elements of my lifestyle, such as lesbian porn.

As I vote for someone else, I am doing two things at once. First, I am making a tiny little move that could make someone not from their party be elected, perhaps even leading to another party winning, thanks to everyone else who is not going to vote for that party. Yes, it’s just one vote, but if everyone thinks that, we’re in a bad situation.

Second, I am standing up for myself. I’m not going out of there feeling like a sheep and I’m not contributing to the Fame & Glory of people I disagree with.

As I said before, we cannot all think “well, I just count for one vote”. Sure, you count for a single vote, but if we all start thinking that, we are not standing up for ourselves, and doing so is important. When a nation doesn’t stand up for itself, it ends up with representatives that don’t actually represent it! And what happens then? We are unsatisfied with whoever is leading our country, and that is so not cool.

So, people, think up a bit about your beliefs and opinions, and stand up. That way, you will be cool too.



  1. Vera Said:

    I don’t generally care about any party because they are equally corrupt here… though they manifest differently.

    I would never vote for the nationalist party though, I swear their leader always manages to surprise me and make me think “how the HELL did he get 7% of votes? Who in their right mind agrees with this?!”.

    But mostly, all parties here promise this and that and in the end they rarely follow through.

  2. Mike Haddad Said:

    I’ve found that people who use the “They’re going to win anyway” line are usually people who have made up their mind but don’t feel they need to justify themselves. Like my mother who voted PC in the last Ontario election while I voted Liberal. Yes she was right, Ted Chudleigh was going to win anyway – he’s been the MPP forever and runs a huge business selling apples and shit. But he only won by 50 votes. So it makes you wonder.

    The bigger problem is the way the system devolved. Sure, you’re supposed to vote based on your candidate and not the party they’re part of – but we’ve gotten to the point where the party sets the policy and that’s it. Look at the federal level. The Conservative Party of Canada is replacing people they don’t feel fit their bill, i.e. follow exactly that they say. I’m not complaining much because it only hurts them, and the new Tories are the old Liberals in terms of governing and spending. But the system is pretty much rotten to the core now.

    I don’t even want to START with how I feel about politics in Quebec. The shit that goes on there now is frightening.

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