Heat and Vacuum-Cleaners

I can never remember how to spell those things. I always put two Cs in.

Anyway, a rant and another cat story. I have a text in mind to write down and post, but it’s late and I must work tomorrow, so I’ll vent off and all that.

I usually keep my bedroom door open. It’s almost only shut down when I dress up. If I close it a bit when I go to bed (I always leave a crack for the cat), I’m sure it will be open after less than an hour because my cat will get in and/or out. The heater has been off for over two weeks. Same in other rooms. But it’s hot in my bedroom. I left the window open all night long. This morning, it was quite cold so I shut it down. Tonight it was already far too hot. I blame the neighbors. They must use the room adjacent to my bedroom as an oven.

Earlier tonight, I was playing with my cat. Or rather, she came up to me with her mouse so I lazily threw it around to play “fetch” while I was playing on the DS. She always brings it back. She’s very happy to go and get it, she jumps, crossing whatever is in her way. But today she got scared for life.

It just so happens that the vacuum-cleaner is in my bedroom, plugged in and lying down on the floor. I threw the mouse on the other side of it. Naturally, my cat had to pass this way…She jumped straight on the “Start” button. Needless to say she ran to hide and even didn’t want me to approach her for some time. She eventually came back to me with her mouse, because her love of playing that game is extremely strong, but she was walking very slowly and refused to leave the bed to get the toy. Poor thing. She deserves it.


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