Game Review (spoiler-free): Phoenix Wright series and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney


Game Type: adventure, novel-type, law
Creator: Capcom
Console: Nintendo DS (portable), GameBoy Advance (Japan original release)
Rating: T (Teens), all games
Overall opinion: extremely awesome


As said in the title, this is a spoiler-free review because, if one thing is sure about those series, it’s that there are plenty of spoilers to share! I might eventually post another review with spoilers.

Where to begin? Should I start with “these games roxors my soxors”, “those games are absolutely awesome” or “those games are some of the best I have ever played in this life and all past and future ones”? I think I will start with “I love those games!!1!!1!!11!!!!!1!one!”

You might know nothing of those games, in which case I will explain the basic concept. You are an attorney—pardon me, an ace attorney. You must defend people accused of a certain crime (almost always murder). You must conduct investigations, question people, cross-examine witnesses and prove your point with evidence. It’s all very fun and often challenging for your brain.

The game’s awesomeness lies in several points. First, the game play is unique and actually fun. I never found the study of law to be particularly interesting, but the games had me hooked on “big time”, as they say. You must use your memory and sense of observation a lot.

Second, the characters are awesome. The game has a lot of humor into it, which is great because, after all, you are investigating murders!

Third, the game has some very excellent plot twists. Revealing the secret behind a mystery will only bring on more questions, until the very end of the game.

There would be much more praise to do of the game, but I would only sink into fangirlish exclamations. So, if you had never heard of the games or were afraid of them because of their lawyerness, well fear no longer and jump on the nearest copy you can find!

I strongly advise to begin with the very first game, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and continue on in the order they were released, because every game can contain spoilers from the previous games.


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