Game Review: Mr. Driller: Drill Spirit (Nintendo DS)


Game Type: action / puzzle
Creator: Namco
Console: Nintendo DS (portable)
Rating: E (everyone)
Overall opinion: good, quick and repetitive


Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits is part of the Mr. Driller series by Namco. The purpose of the game is pretty simple. As one of a few characters you can choose (most of which are unlocked by completing some stages), you must drill your way to a certain depths, among blocks of various colors (a bit like Tetris blocks). The difficulty comes from three facts: 1, you can get crushed under blocks from above if you drill beneath them; 2, you can run out of air if you do not refill it and 3, you cannot climb more than 1 block (2 if you use a certain character).

If you read the overview, you might wonder why I say the game is good if I call it repetitive also. It is pretty simple: a part of the game’s success relies on its repetitiveness. Let me explain. Think of some games like Tetris or Arkanoid: change the colors, change the music, increase or decrease the speed, place it in a different “context”, it still remains the same basic concept. Yet those games are classics. New versions are still released, some for free on the web, others being sold for consoles (there exists, for example, a Tetris DS).

If you want some long challenge, the game is certainly not for you. But if you just want something to play on your way to work or school, or when you’re exhausted after a long day, it’s a perfect choice. You don’t need to think too hard and you don’t fall asleep waiting for something to happen.

Plus, the game is cute (even if you can get crushed under blocks!) and kids-friendly. A bit of a downside, some noises can be pretty annoying for people like me, with sensitive ears, such as the sound made by certain characters when they start lacking air.

Brief, the game is a good choice for relaxing, a bit mindless and not too challenging fun.


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  1. [Name] Said:

    Wow!! I like this game too.

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