Outdoor Adventures

The weather is quite fine today. It’s been sunny all day long, there isn’t much wind and it’s quite comfortable. I opened the back door because letting in some fresh air is always good. There’s a mosquito net, so my cat can enjoy the air without going outdoors. I don’t want her to go there.

I was playing Final Fantasy and I happened to throw a look in the direction of the door. I saw a cat passing on the balcony outside. Nothing special there, as there are several cats in the area. I decided to go and check it out. I like seeing my cat interacting with other cats, even when there’s a door between them.

My, what am I seeing? It’s a bit small, but it’s still an adult cat. It doesn’t look sick at all. It’s stomach is white, but its back and head are striped gray. It has thumbs. It isn’t afraid of me at all, actually it seems to know me…

What the HELL are you doing outside and HOW did you make it there? After getting her inside—which was surprisingly easy and required no running after her or even touching her—, I quickly found the culprit: there is a hole in the bottom of the net. It’s not very large, but she’s tiny and could easily squeeze her way out through the hole, provided she has the will to do it. And, obviously, she does have that will.

I’ll have to get that net repaired.


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