What’s Going On?

Just updating on what’s going on in this life of mine.

One of my roommates is gone for the whole week. That doesn’t change much to my life.

Eric is really not well these days. He has a lot of obsessions and washes his hands a lot. I wish I could do something to help him, but there isn’t much to do. He needs to see a psychiatrist, but I can’t take one out of…a magic hat.

Work is okay, although I missed a lot…I have a hard time sleeping well. My brain turns on when I go to bed and does everything it can to keep awake. How very nice of it.

My mom was here Friday, and she slept here. I didn’t see her much, because I was sleeping when she left, but I ate with her and other family members in an African restaurant on Friday night. It was quite good.


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