April’s Fool Day

I abhor that day. Beside a few jokes, like some Google ones, I just hate it. I’m an anxious person. I keep having obsessions / thoughts that the whole world is not really like I see it, that X and Y are lying to me, etc. So today is the perfect day for me to wish to hide in my bedroom (or to play Final Fantasy V, after I convince my brain that the game will not fool me) and not go outdoors.

I hate reading everything with an actually justified suspicion. OK, which part of this is real? Which part is a lie? Is this website pulling a prank or are they serious?



  1. Jem Said:

    I’m a cynical twat, so I just assume that all communication on April 1st is possibly a piss take.

  2. Rachael Said:

    Mine was fake. 🙂

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