Exhausted, Yet Again

*sigh* I’m exhausted. I had work this morning. When I have to get up in the morning, I become very stressed the night before and I’m unable to fall asleep. I can’t take my sleeping pills because I’m tired of taking sleeping pills and because at least 12 hours pass between the time of my taking them and the time I am actually able to do something.

So I slept through the morning…and the beginning of the afternoon. I got up at 1:30, angry at myself for missing not only work, but my group therapy in the afternoon. šŸ˜¦ I have such difficulty keeping up with the things I have to do. It doesn’t help that I have about as much discipline as a kitten.

I still went to the hospital, because I had some papers to get, things that should help me “work on myself”. I also went shopping. I absolutely hate shopping. I get tired, with a headache, I can’t find what I want, there are people everywhere, you get the picture. I bought a pair of jeans. It’s ridiculously hard to find a pair of jeans at a decent price. I’m certainly not paying 100$ and more for jeans. I don’t give a shit if it’s written “Guess” on the label inside. I buy jeans because they’re comfortable, you can wear them in many different contexts and they do not break easily. I ended up buying some, but for more than I wished to pay. Amanda wouldn’t be very proud of me for that part, but if she saw the general state of my wardrobe, she would probably run away screaming.

I also bought something for Eric and myself. It’s small, green and stuffed, with an enormous nose. It’s Yoshi! I couldn’t resist entering both game shops I passed by. There were plenty of games (and consoles!) I wanted, but I opted for a stuffed Yoshi for now. I must keep some money for other things, you know. Like that thing I like to do every day, where you take things and put them into your mouth, then you digest them. I kind of like doing that, and, well, I need money to buy the things in question.

I arrived about an hour before Eric, and was surprised when I saw he was not alone. He had brought his mother and two other people, and a bunch of things he was moving in. We got a new kitchen table, a lot of Christmas decorations, clothes, linens and an Atari 2600, with several games.

I keep telling Eric to stop bringing fucking Christmas decorations. We didn’t decorate last Christmas, and I highly doubt we will on the next. I’m gone on Christmas holidays, and both of my roommates spend the holidays working and visiting family members. When I would actually be here, Beatrice would gladly eat every decoration she can get her paws and teeth on. Not only that, but they take a lot of space. The wardrobe downstairs is pretty much full.

As for the kitchen table, well, we already had one…We managed to find room for everything, but the first floor will be as full of furniture as it can be. There are already two couches, one large armchair, four bookshelves…

The Atari still works. I’m looking forward to trying it. The oldest console I played with was the Nintendo Entertainment System, which was not yet an “old thing everyone throws away” when I was a kid.

I’ll spare you the emotional details for now, I just want a break. And my daily dose of Phoenix Wright. I have one case to go before the very last case of the series! Fortunately they have started another series, Appolo Justice. Mhm, Phoenix Wright goodness.


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