Match It For Pratchett: Donating For Alzheimer

I’m again stealing Jem’s ideas. This time, though, she *told* me to steal her idea.

So, here’s the deal in a few brief sentences (it looks like, if I get too lengthy, people tend to believe I am drunk. Or maybe it’s a British thing). Terry Pratchett donated 1 million dollars (yes, the article speaks of dollars) to Alzheimer research. Fans are united to “match” it.

This isn’t a contest, of course. It’s a donation. I must admit I haven’t yet gotten around to reading any book by Pratchett. The idea isn’t of supporting him. You don’t have to admit to his talent or anything. You just have to be wiling to donate. All it takes is 500,000 people donating 2$ each. If you can’t afford that much but are still willing to donate, go ahead. If you absolutely can’t afford to donate (or are a greedy little bastard), you can post this on your blog or otherwise spread the word.

The starting LiveJournal post, the Match It For Pratchett campaign, UK Alzheimer’s Research Trust and US-based Alzheimer’s Research Fundation. I’m looking for a Canadian-based one now.



  1. Jem Said:

    You don’t normally sound drunk, it’s just the way the last post seemed to jump around from topic to topic.. 😉

  2. Janet Said:

    I’ll try to post this on my blog, since I can’t participate.

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